2011 NA-YGN Hill Day Survey

At the 2011 Annual PD Conference, 240 members took Capitol Hill by storm. Meeting with congressmen and staffers, NA-YGN practiced their advocacy skills. This survey is designed to collect metrics and feedback from the 90+ appointments and drop by meetings.

  1. Your Name

  1. State

  1. Team Number

  1. How many appointments did you participate in?

  1. How many drop by meetings did you engage in?

  1. Please provide a quick summary of your experience?

  1. Do you now feel comfortable enough to perform congressional outreach activites in your home district?

  1. If we schedule another Hill Day at a NA-YGN conference would you participate?

  1. Is there any thing we could do in the future to make the Hill Day experience better?

  1. What was your favorite part of the Hill Day experience?

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