2009 Fall Mixer

Thank you very much for helping make the 2009 Fall "Going Green" Mixer at SVMS a huge success! To help us improve our planning and ensure that the spring mixer is even better, we would appreciate it if you would take time to answer the following questions

  1. Do you feel the efforts made to promote the mixer were:
    just right
    too much

  1. If you said the promotional efforts were inadequate or okay, what could be done to ensure that more SV students are aware of the event and understand it's purpose?

  1. Mixer permission slips were handed out at the beginning of the week of the mixer and collected the day of the mixer by 9th hour teachers. Do you feel this is the best way to collect the slips?

  1. If applicable, would you be willing to collect permission slips throughout the week of the mixer during 9th hour and create a "roster" to help manage attendance at the mixer?

  1. The entrances to the mixer on both sides of the building were very chaotic and difficult to manage. Please make any suggestions you may have to better streamline and control these locations.

  1. Please add any other questions, comments, thoughts, or suggestions which you may have for improving future mixers.