The Research Project

A red asterisk (*) indicates required questions.

  1. Which part of the research process did you learn the most about?*
    Taking Notes in Library
    Intros, Conclusions, Bibliographies
    Presentation Tools (trifold, keynote, etc.)

  1. Which part of the research process did you like the best?*
    Taking Notes in Library
    Intro, Conclusion, Bibliography
    Creating a Presentation Tool

  1. What did you find most helpful?*
    Introductory Lessons (Ms. Loeffler, Ms. Barbosky)
    Many adults around at all times
    Use of computer lab and laptop carts
    Doing everything in school
    The Research Folders and various guides

  1. Do you feel like you could explain the research process to someone else?*

  1. How comfortable to do feel presenting to the class now that the project is over? (A = Super Comfortable, F = Never want to do it again)*
    A B C D F

  1. If you could give yourself a grade on the project, from taking notes in the library to final presentations (including visual aids)...what grade would you give yourself?*
    A B C D F

  1. If you had a question or problem during the project, were you able to get help when you needed it?*

  1. Were you able to learn more about each of your subtopics rather than what we learned in class?*

  1. If you needed to research something right now, where would you go first?*
    An Adult

  1. Did you have enough time to complete each aspect of this project?*

  1. What is one thing from this project Mr. White should keep for next year?*

  1. What is one thing from this project Mr. White should change for next year?*

  1. Do you have any suggestions of how to make the project better?*

  1. Beginning Tomorrow, you will be....*
    sad that the research is over
    excited that research is over, but not excited for the next unit
    can't wait for something else to start and i don't care what it is
    super pumped for ancient Egypt

  1. Our next unit is on ancient Egypt, how much do you think you know about this subject? (6 = i know everything there is to know, 1 = i don't know anything at all)*
    1 2 3 4 5 6

  1. Mr. White's singing and guitar playing abilities make me....*
    want to never leave social studies class ever!
    sick and want to run to the bathroom :(
    feel the need to stand up and join in by playing the air drums
    want to sign him up for american idol

  1. Current Events is...*
    the best part of my 6th grade experience
    ok...but nothing special
    unnecessary...lets just stick to the textbook
    fun because we learn about things going on right now

  1. My favorite part of 6th grade so far is....*