End of Class Agent Training Evaluation

The purpose of this evaluation is to measure the effectiveness of this course and the trainer.

Rating Scale
Poor - 1
Needs Improvement - 2
Meets Standard - 3
Very Good - 4
Exceptional - 5

You are not required to write your name but on the name field please include trainer's name, account and wave #.

Thanks for participating in this important feedback.

Name (optional): 

  1. The following questions focus on the trainer and assist in measuring the effectiveness of the trainer's approach to the training session

          1 2 3 4 5    
      1) Had a thorough knowledge of the course material   
      2) Created a comfortable and open learning environment   
      3) Seemed genuinely interested in whether or not I learned   
      4) Explained the purpose of each activity with clear directions   
      5) Provided or had participants provide useful answers to questions   
      6) Gave me positive feedback   
      7) Started and ended class on time each day   
      8) Addressed difficult behavior so it did not impact learning    
      9) Was available to answer questions before and after training   
      10) Made training fun and interesting   

  1. Comments on your trainer

  1. The following questions focus on the course content and will assist us in measuring the effectiveness of the material designed for this course.

          1 2 3 4 5    
      1) Was well organized   
      2) Course objectives were clear   
      3) Was effective in helping me learn the concepts/skills   
      4) Was relevant to my job   
      5) Activities/group discussions prepared me to use the skills   
      6) Provided enough tie for topics, practice and review   
      7) Was easy to find information utilizing the handouts   
      8) Information in the handouts was accurate   
      9) Was easy to find information utilizing my tools   
      10) Knowledge based tools were accurate   

  1. Comments on the course

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