Importance of Reading


A red asterisk (*) indicates required questions.

  1. What is your profession? *

  1. I think I am a(an) _____________ reader. *
      1 2 3 4 5  
    Poor  Excellent

  1. If wrote a book, what would it be about? *

  1. If you had $30 to spend on reading material, what would you buy? *

  1. How many books on average do you read a month?  *

  1. Who do you feel should be responsible for teaching students to read?*
    student peers
    the student

  1. What does the word "reading" mean to you? *

  1. Describe how you feel a student should be assessed on their reading abilities. *

  1. What steps should be taken to assist a student that struggles with reading? *

  1. If you were a student that struggles with reading, what would help you improve your abilities? *

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