Session on Using Graphics and Documents in Edline

Respond to this survey indicating which session you will attend. Also respond if you would like to propose a different training topic. Specify the technology topics you would like covered and a date and time (Examples--- Qwizdom, GradeQuick, Tables, Mail Merge, PowerPoint, Word Processing, ABC Clio, other software, web-services etc.
You name it---and I will offer a session on the topic.




  1. Mark the date or dates you can attend. You may choose multiple dates and in question 3 below you can propose alternative topics for these same dates if the Edline topic does not interest you.
    Wednesday, Dec. 2 from 2:45-4:00PM
    Friday, Dec. 4 from 2:45-4:00PM
    Wednesday, Dec. 2 from 7:15-7:45AM
    Friday, Dec. 4 from 7:15-7:45AM
    Wednesday, Dec. 9 from 2:45-4:00PM
    Wednesday, Dec. 16 from 2:45-4:00PM

  1. Here are some Edline questions I would like you to answer in the session or Edline/GradeQuick topics I would like you to cover in the session.

  1. I would like to propose the following alternative topics for a training or question and answer session. My preferred date and time are: