Parent Survey re "Transition" Support

How helpful was Linda Jeffrey (Parent-Community Center) during the transition of both you as the parent/guardian and your student(s) into the high school.

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  1. Think back to when your student entered Kealakehe High. How helpful was the Kealakehe Parent-Community Center (Linda Jeffrey) in increasing you and your student's knowledge about the high school?
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    Very Helpful  Not Helpful At All

  1. In what areas did you gain knowledge that was useful? Check as many as you wish.
    School Culture
    School Communications
    School-Level Decision Making
    School Supports
    Parent Opportunities for Volunteering
    Campus Layout

  1. Are there additional areas not covered in the above question?

  1. Did any or all of this HELP YOU TO HELP YOUR STUDENT?
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    Strongly agree   Strongly disagree

  1. What was the most helpful information you received from the Parent Center (Linda Jeffrey)?

  1. Feel free to add any comments or suggestions.

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