HSTW Assessment Planning

The purpose of this survey is to check the progress of each campus in planning for the HSTW assessment and to provide a guide for tasks that should be completed. Please answer each question with as much detail as you can. If you have not yet planned for or completed the task in a given question state when you will have the item completed or planned for.

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A red asterisk (*) indicates required questions.

  1. On what dates will you be giving the 2010 HSTW Assessment to your selected students? (The testing window is 1/29-2/19.)*

  1. In what order will you will be giving each section of the test? Describe your daily test schedule and test environment (locations) for students.*

  1. What (if anything) are you planning on providing test takers for breakfast/ lunch/ snacks?*

  1. Have you sent a letter to the parents of the students selected for the assessment? If no, when will the letter be sent?*

  1. Have you notified the students who were selected for the assessment? If no, when you will you notify the students?*

  1. What communication have you had (or will have) with the staff at your campus regarding the assessment, student selection, preparing students for the assessment and the teacher survey?*

  1. Describe the student incentive plans have you established.*

  1. Have students and teachers been provided with sample test items for practice (or will they)? Is there any incentive for students to complete practice items?*

  1. Have both home school (9th/ 10th grade) and Great Oaks (11th/ 12th grade) transcripts been pulled for the selected students? If no, when will they be gathered?*

  1. Who will be completing the transcript study (section 1 of the student survey) and when?*

  1. All students should be provided a graphing calculator for the math test. Do you have access to enough graphing calculators to use for the assessment? *

  1. Do you have a math teacher who is willing to do a short “how to” class on using the graphing calculator prior to the math test?*

  1. Will student surveys be administered in a small group environment that will allow the proctor to explain language or terminology in the questions? Briefly decribe plans for the administration of the student survey.*

  1. Briefly decribe plans for the administration of the teacher survey.*

  1. What additional plans have been made (or will be made) for the preparation and administration of the HSTW assessment? Do you have any questions?*

  1. Select your campus*