My first Language Arts Survey!! :)

Please answer any of the following questions that pertain to you. Thanks so very much!

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  1. As of January 2010, where is your reading group pertaining to lesson number and Interim tests completed?

  1. If you have begun a novel study with your reading group, please comment on how well the phonetic skills are transferring into the literature, successes, or challenges you may have encountered.

  1. If you have not begun a novel study or any other LA enrichment lessons with your group (Ex: Merrill or Reading Mastery), do you feel that your students are ready to begin the process of transferring their reading horizons skills into "reading to learn" lessons?

  1. Please comment on the last three unmediated writing prompts. Do you feel that they were successful? Were they appropriate for your student population? Do you have any suggestions for January?

  1. Pertaining to our new Reading Horizons spelling program, how many lessons per week do you feel you would be able to fit into your schedule?

  1. Do you feel that it is manageable to fit in one "writing across the curriculum" per month? If so, what can I do to help you?

  1. What is Homer Simpson's favorite ice cream? :)

    I will email you the answer... he, he!

  1. Do you feel that a tracking sheet for the new spelling words (core words and MCW's) would help you manage IPP goals?