Stranded 3 Vocabulary

Select the correct definition. A prize drawing will be held for 5 students from the highest scores. You may only take the quiz one time. Contest ends Feb. 7, 2010.


  1. Despondent
    A. foolish, ridiculously stupid
    B. depressed, having no hope
    C. violently hungry
    D. inconsistent

  1. Buoyant
    A. based on observation or experiment
    B. to combine
    C. cheerful
    D. having no useful result

  1. Copious
    A. lacking energy or spirit
    B. to make a firm decision
    C. plentiful, abundant
    D. forgetful, unaware

  1. Incredulous
    A. disbelieving
    B. to support with proof
    C. having or showing little emotion
    D. cheerful

  1. Lament
    A. fearful
    B. to combine
    C. to make clear
    D. to regret, to show grief for

  1. Enhance
    A. to support with proof
    B. deception
    C. to make better or greater
    D. ridiculously stupid

  1. Homogeneous
    A. all of the same or similar kind
    B. no longer in use or current
    C. disbelieving
    D. to void by recalling

  1. Suppress
    A. bitter hostility
    B. calm
    C. cheerful
    D. to put down, to hold back

  1. Expedite
    A. inappropriate; inconsistent
    B. to speed the process of
    C. to void by recalling
    D. serious and sober

  1. Apprehensive
    A. protection or shelter
    B. hazy, vague or confused
    C. using few words
    D. fearful

  1. Debunk
    A. possible, workable, practical
    B. to disprove or expose the falseness of
    C. to grow well
    D. to treat with disrespect, disregard

  1. Laconic
    A. energy, intensity, enthusiasm
    B. to establish a close relationship
    C. to seize and take control without authority
    D. using few words (often rudely or mysteriously)

  1. Vulnerable
    A. calm
    B. to weaken
    C. not protected against harm
    D. deception, deceit

  1. Extol
    A. to praise
    B. forgetful, unaware
    C. to make a firm decision about
    D. to grow well

  1. Elucidate
    A. to establish a close relationship
    B. calm
    C. to weaken
    D. to make clear

  1. Nebulous
    A. to utilize fully
    B. to erase
    C. to seize
    D. hazy, vague, or confused

  1. Eulogy
    A. to grow well
    B. to combine
    C. a written or spoken tribute (usually for someone dead)
    D. plentiful, abundant

  1. Solemn
    A. serious and sober
    B. based on or producing illusion
    C. serious and sober
    D. lacking energy or spirit

  1. Feasible
    A. very skilled
    B. to praise
    C. violently hungry
    D. possible, workable

  1. Exuberant
    A. lively
    B. serious
    C. fearful
    D. cheerful