Food and Faculty

Hello All,
Based on a suggestion we are asking you to answer this short survey about food at faculty meetings. This survey's results will be used for planning next year's scheduling. Please complete this before our next faculty meeting.

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A red asterisk (*) indicates required questions.

  1. How do you feel about food at faculty meetings?*
    strongly like this idea
    like this idea
    don't like this practice
    strongly dislike this practice

  1. If we continue the practice of snacks at staff meetings, which of the following do you prefer?*
    continue with grade level/teams being responsible
    establish a committee to be responsible for monthly snacks

  1. Which snack type do you prefer?*
    healthy snacks only
    the wide variety of snacks we have had in the past

  1. Choose one of the following that best describes your position. This is being asked to help assure that all voices are heard.*
    prek through first grade
    grade 2-3
    grades 4-5
    resource and special ed.
    itinerant teachers and support staff