TAI Course Evaluation

We'd like to collect some feedback from you about the TAI Course so that next time we run it we can do it better. We really appreciate your input.

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  1. On the scale below please rate the course OVERALL from your perspective.
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  1. Did you enjoy the course in general?

  1. What did you get out of the course personally?

  1. Write down 2 things you learned from the course that you didn't know before.

  1. Which sessions did you find the MOST useful? (You can choose one or many.)
    Zionism and Israel pre-1948
    1948 and Refugees
    1967 and Settlements
    Human Rights and Terrorism
    The UN and Israel

  1. Which aspects of the course did you find the MOST useful? You can choose as many as you wish.
    facts and information
    discussion activities
    media work
    the resources provded

  1. How did you find the teachers/facilitators?

  1. Name anything/s that you think we should do differently next time and explain why.

  1. Would you be interested to do a more advanced course at a later date?

  1. Any other feedback? - Feel free, there is lots of space and this can be completely anonymous.