We are always looking to monitor our training to ensure that we deliver effective training to our delegates. To assist us, please would you take a few minutes to complete this questionnaire. Thank you.


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  1. What is your email address and telephone number?*

  1. What is your Job Title?*

  1. What part of the Countrywide Group do you work for?  *

  1. If you selected "Other" please give details.

  1. Which EA subsidiary are you part of? If you don't work in EA, please select Not Applicable 

  1. Which EA office are you based at / work from? If you don't work for EA then please move to the next question.

  1. Which CRL Region do you work in? If you don't work in Residential Lettings, please select Not Applicable 

  1. Which CRL Branch do you work in? If you don't work in Residential Lettings, please select Not Applicable 

  1. If you DON'T work in the Estate Agency or Residential Lettings divisions, please state which office you are based at / work from? Please state the town name.

  1. Which course / presentation did you attend?*

  1. Please enter the date on which the course / presentation in the following format.(dd/mm/yyyy)*

  1. Where was the course held? (Location / Venue / Room) Eg CMA Coventry Board Room or Holiday Inn Express Mayfair*

  1. How would you rate the suitablilty of the training venue?*
      1 2 3 4 5  
    Unacceptable  Excellent

  1. How did you feel toward the course exercises*
    No exercises included in the course
    Not enough exercises
    Not enough time to complete all the exercises
    They were sufficient in quantity and complexity

  1. How would you rate the pace of the course / presentation?*
    Too Slow
    Too Fast
    Just Right

  1. Please comment on the duration/length of the course*
    Too Short
    Slightly Short
    Slightly Long
    Too Long
    Just Right

  1. Who was your Trainer?*
    Ann Parr
    Fiona Wilson
    Jo Jefferson
    Pauline Smith
    Simon Brickwood
    Shannon Hayden

  1. If you selected "Other" please give details.

  1. About The Trainer. How would you rate the following:*

            1 2 3 4 5      
      Introduction and ability to "break the ice" Unacceptable Excellent  
      Explanation of what was to be covered on the course Unacceptable Excellent  
      Knowledge of the course subject(s) Unacceptable Excellent  
      Willingness to answer questions Unacceptable Excellent  
      Ability to answer questions Unacceptable Excellent  
      Patience toward you Unacceptable Excellent  
      Patience toward the other delegates  Unacceptable Excellent  

  1. What, if anything, would make the training more effective and enjoyable?

  1. If there was a coach/floorwalker in addition to the trainer, how useful were they?
    None present, only the trainer
    Great - always available and really knew their stuff
    Helpful on occasion
    Stretched too thin for the group
    Not really of any benefit

  1. Do you require additional training?*
    Not sure at this stage

  1. How satisfied are you with the course / presentation as a whole?*
      1 2 3 4 5  
    Very Dissatisfied  Very Satisfied

  1. Please rate your confidence to implement the skills/knowledge gained.*
    Not Confident
    Confident with Practice

  1. Please rate how attending the course will improve the business performance.*
    No Improvement
    Improve Slightly
    Definite Improvement

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