event evaluation - High Rise - Stage 1

We are keen to hear your views now that you have completed Stage 1 of this programme. Your comments will be viewed by colleagues in OPD only and will be used to help make this a useful and meaningful experience for you in your role as a Manager within the University.


  1. Outline one or more change in practice/skill/behaviour you have/can take at this mid point.

  1. What could be done to support you ? What barriers are there, if any?

  1. Consider the following aspects of this programme so far. Using the rating scale, tick the indicator which best describes your view (3 being about right each time)

            1 2 3 4 5      
      Areas covered (1=too few, 5=too many) 1 5  
      Pace of event (1=too slow, 5=too fast) 1 5  
      Practical work (1=too little, too much) 1 5  
      Relevance of content/topics (1=too general, 5=too specific) 1 5  
      Opportunity to participate (1=too few, 5=too many) 1 5  

  1. Any comments on the above ratings should be made here.

  1. Overall what has been, in your view, the most useful and/or least useful subject covered as part of this programme in terms of impact on you as a leader and manager?

  1. What could be done differently, if anything, in terms of delivery of future days, to make this a useful experience for you?

  1. What is your work based assignment focused on?

  1. How has the workbased assignment enhanced your abilities as a manager within the organisation?

  1. How will this assignment and the learning you have gained so far, as part of this programme, make a difference to your area of work and the University?

  1. What suggestions do you have on improving administrative or practical arrangements? Please refer to any access issues.

  1. To what extent were your expectations met?
      1 2 3 4  
    not at all  fully

  1. What is your overall rating?
      1 2 3 4  
    very poor  very good

  1. Thank you for completing this questionnaire. We recommend that you print a copy of this form, before submitting, for use within your Development and Performance Review. Please detail your internal extension number below, for a follow up conversation, as necessary. Best wishes OPD x 1090

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