PRHS Achievement Series Survey


  1. I currently use the ScanTron Achievement Series software.

  1. My proficiency level using the ScanTron Achievement Series is
    Low degree -- I need more help
    Fairly competent -- I know how to do some things but need help with others
    High degree -- I'm pretty competent and just occasionally need assistance

  1. Please select all the responses below that apply to your greatest technology needs with this software.
    Uploading my own test answer key
    Correlating my test answers to Sunshine State Standards
    Locating the test data for each class
    Locating the test data for each student
    Printing student answer sheets
    Locating a line item analysis for each test question

  1. Are you interested in attending a workshop on the ScanTron Achievement Series here at Pine Ridge if it were during the school day?

Deltona, FL