High School Data Summary

What do you see as the student's strengths; including life skills, assets, resources, interests, and talents?

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  1. Student Id # 023751446*

  1. Class Attendance
    Frequent tardies
    Frequent requests to leave class
    Frequent absences
    Class cuts

  1. Academic Performance
    Drop in grades; lower achievement
    Fails to complete assignments
    Poor short-term memory
    Decrease in class participation
    short attention span; easily distracted
    Grade A
    Grade B
    Grade C
    Grade D
    Grade F

  1. Disruptive Behavior
    Irresponsibility, blaming, denying
    Attention-getting behavior
    Hyperactivity, nervousness
    Defiance of rules
    Fighting and or suddent outburst of anger and or verbally abusive to others
    Obscene language, gestures

  1. Physical Symptoms
    Sleeps in class
    unsteady on feet
    slurs speech
    frequent complaints of nausea or vomiting
    unexplained, frequent physical injuries
    deteriorating personal appearance
    frequent cold-like symptoms
    smells of alcohol or marijuana
    glassy bloodshot eyes

  1. Atypical Behavior
    Change in friends/change in behavior
    Sudden popularity
    older or significantly younger social group
    inappropriate responses
    erratic behavior
    constant adult contact
    sexual behavior in public
    unrealistic goals
    appears sad
    withdrawn; difficulty in relating ot others
    Talks freely about drug abuse

  1. Home/Social/Family Issues (if documented)
    Family Issues
    Peer issues
    Family alcohol/drug problems
    Other community agency involvement
    Divorce or separation
    Single parent household
    Known Medical problems
    Previously involved with counseling
    Previously retained/reassigned
    Job problems
    attendance issues
    Death in immediate family
    Lives with someone other than parent
    Takes medication
    Currently involved with counseling
    Child discusses concern regarding drug and alcohol usie in the home

  1. Code Violations (if documented)
    Involvement in thefts and assaults
    Possession of drugs
    Carrying a weapon
    Possession of paraphernalia (roach clips, bongs, etc.)
    Selling drugs

  1. Extra Curricular Activities
    Misssed practice without substantial reason
    Loss of eligibility
    Dropped out; Name of Activity

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