Finance Class: Expense Analysis

Later this year, we will offer a finance class on expense planning, analysis, and measurement. In order to design the course to best meet your needs, please answer this short anonymous survey. Thank you very much.

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  1. Would you be interested in taking an advanced finance class on expense analysis and measurement?
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  1. Please rank your order of interest in these topics to be covered in a class on expenses:
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    Forecasting NIE or Services Bought & Sold  
    Best practices for expense analysis  
    Expense drivers  
    The $1Billion Cost Leadership target  
    Cost metrics - overview and evaluation of the best ones  
    How to access the data  
    Developing productivity metrics  
    Capital Expenditures & cost benefit analyses  

  1. What are some of your headaches, concerns, questions about expense planning and forecasting?

  1. Do you know which expense metrics your executives look at?

  1. Do you have a sense of which expense metrics are best practice?

  1. Are there any aspects of Cost Leadership that you would like more clarified?

  1. Please rank your familiarity with Activity Based Costing?
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    Excellent   Poor

  1. How difficult do you find it to explain variances in your NIE?
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    Very easy  Very difficult

  1. How adept are you at researching variances in your NIE?
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    Excellent   Poor

  1. Does your group use productivity metrics? If so, which ones?

  1. Do you make recommendations to your business partners about how to better manage Noninterest Expense?

  1. What are 1-2 problems you have faced while analyzing your NIE?