Proposed statement to be read at the May 20, 2004, school board meeting

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As a member of the Greenbrier School District faculty, I would approve the reading of this statement to the school board at the May, 20, 2004, meeting. "The members of Greenbrier Education Association (GEA) would like to give the school board notice that we are seeking to restructure our organization next year in order to better serve the needs of our membership. The reasons for seeking this restructuring include the following: Growth and turnover in the district’s faculty has caused a loss of understanding about the mission and purpose of this organization. Growth of the district in terms of number of personnel and addition of school locations has led to difficulties in ensuring the quality of communications among faculty members throughout the district. There is a need to up-date, establish and/or articulate procedures for conducting the business of the organization, especially of the PPC and Salary committees, and to insure that these procedures are passed down to new GEA officers and committee members as they are elected. Better communication among the faculty, administration, and school board on matters of personnel policy and salary issues is needed. GEA members feel the need for greater participation of faculty members in the organization to insure that the majority of the faculty’s interests are being represented. Teachers have expressed the desire to expand the mission of the GEA. Whereas the GEA exists primarily to represent the faculty’s interests in matters of personnel policy and salary matters, there is also the desire to promote professionalism, professional growth, professional courtesy, and peer support. On behalf of the GEA, I want to thank you for your attention to this statement and for the service you provide to the community of Greenbrier."

7th grade reading and writing instructor
Greenbrier Middle School