Exit Survey French 2 2004

An end of year de-briefing as to how you rate your knowledge of French: How much French you can understand and use.




  1. At the beginning of the year, my knowledge of French was 

  1. The BEST way English class prepared me to study French was by teaching me: 

  1. When learning new words in French, it is easier to learn vocabulary when I:
        1 2 3 4 5 6
    Act out words  
    See a picture  

  1. Learning a language involves many areas. If I had to choose a favorite, it would be: 

  1. The most helpful study skill in learning French is
        1 2 3 4
    Focusing in class  
    Understanding what I read  
    Being attentive and taking good notes  
    Memorizing (remembering definitions)  

  1. When I hear a song in French, I can understand it more when I:
        1 2 3 4 5 6
    Listen to the lyrics  
    Speak and say the lyrics  
    Read and repeat the lyrics  
    Write and copy the lyrics  
    Act out words in the lyrics  
    See a picture of the lyrics  

  1. When we learn a conversation (dialog), I would rather:
        1 2 3 4 5 6
    hear French speakers  
    say and practice the phrases  
    read and learn the phrases  
    copy and write out the phrases  
    act out the words  
    look at pictures for new vocabulary  

  1. When we learned a reading (lecture) at the end of a chapter, I learned to "read" [understand the French words] by being aware of:
        1 2 3 4
    Key vocabulary words (like footnotes)  
    Proper nouns  
    Idioms (expressions that cannot be exactly translated)  

  1. The most comfortable way for me to learn French would be:
        1 2 3 4 5 6
    Hearing tapes, hearing people, etc  
    Practicing new words by talking to partner  
    Looking at and repeating the words, phrases, etc.  
    Copying words, doing exercises, etc  
    Acting out words  
    Looking at a visual illustration of the word  

  1. It was more comfortable for me to learn in this class when I could work on my assignment in a _____________________ atmosphere. 

  1. My favorite activity in this class was when we:
        1 2 3 4 5
    Viewed French videos  
    Listened to / sang French songs  
    Listened to textbook cassettes  
    Practiced French activities (on classpage on PCs)  
    Practiced French with partner in class  

  1. How well can you understand your French teacher when she speaks/reads French during daily lessons?
    1 - Very little ( Don't know anything.)
    2 - A little (Understand less than 50%)
    3 - Okay (Understand about half 50%)
    4 - Comfortable (Understand more than 50%)
    5 - Confident (I can understand and reply.)

  1. How comfortable are you with hearing and using common expressions in French? (Bonjour. Ça va? SVP [S'il vous plaît]. Merci. Au revoir.)
    1 - Very little ( Don't know anything.)
    2 - A little (Understand less than 50%)
    3 - Okay (Understand about half 50%)
    4 - Comfortable (Understand more than 50%)
    5 - Confident (I can understand and reply.)

  1. How much can you understand native speakers when you hear them speak French in videos, taped lessons, songs, etc.
    1 - Very little ( Don't know anything.)
    2 - A little (Understand less than 50%)
    3 - Okay (Understand about half 50%)
    4 - Comfortable (Understand more than 50%)
    5 - Confident (I can understand and reply.)

  1. I signed up for French because I sincerely wanted to learn how to speak French.

  1. I signed up for French because I didn't want to take Spanish.

  1. I don't care what my course selection sheet shows, I NEVER signed up for French--or I never meant to.

  1. I could have learned more if my friends were in class with me. [We SHARE our work in order to be successful.]

  1. The best word to describe my French teacher is _____________________. 

  1. To be honest, my French teacher acts ____________________. 

  1. I don't mind lending materials [pencil, pen, paper] to other people all the time.
      1 2 3 4  
    Totally true  NOT

  1. Nobody has ever asked me to give out my answers to workbook exercises, homework, quizzes, or tests.
      1 2 3 4  
    No, Never  EVERY DAY!!!

  1. I don't mind it when people talk or tap their pencil when the teacher is teaching.
      1 2 3 4  
    Talking during a lesson is fine.  NO, I can't hear the lesson

  1. I learned to listen to French. [Books closed, hands empty, good eye contact]
      1 2 3 4 5  
    Strongly agree   Strongly disagree

  1. Morning and/or afternoon tutoring is a good idea.
      1 2 3 4  
    Yes. Tutoring is a must.  I will NEVER go to tutoring.

  1. Warmup time to finish some homework is a good idea.
      1 2 3 4  
    This is when I did my wor.  Just a waste of time.

  1. Warmup time to review vocabulary or grammar is a good idea.
      1 2 3 4  
    Yes, I need daily reviews.  No, it's just repeating the lesson.

  1. Picking up my own worksheet and/or graded work is a good idea.
      1 2 3 4  
    The sooner the better.  No, I'd forget to get it.

  1. This class was too ______________________.

  1. I wish we had done more _______________________.

  1. I didn't know that learning a language was going to be so _______________________.

  1. I could have done better if I had _________________________.

  1. I could have done better if the teacher had _________________________.

  1. What I will remember most about this class is __________________________.

  1. I know how to say most of the French for: [Choose ALL that apply.]
    Greetings: Hello. How are you? I'm okay, thanks. Goodbye
    Days of the week, months of the year: Today is Thursday, May 13.
    Clothes: She is wearing a blue dress.
    Basic ordering: I would like a ham sandwich.
    Parts of the body (eyes, arms, legs) and phrases like: My head hurts.
    Describing people with adjectives: I am happy. He is shy.
    Tell what classes you are taking: I study math.
    Talk about your family: I have two sisters. My father is forty-two years old.
    Shopping: I am going to the bakery. I am buying a cake.
    Weather phrases: It's hot. It's raining.

  1. I understand three verb tenses and know how to say: [Choose ALL that apply.]
    Yesterday, I finished my homework.
    Tomorrow, we're going to play baseball in the park.
    When I was little, we used to go to the movies on Sunday.

  1. I can say the following in French:
    I wake up.
    I get out of bed.
    I take a bath.
    I get dressed.
    I comb my hair.
    I hurry to school.
    I wash my hair.
    I go to bed at ten.
    I fall asleep.

  1. I can speak these languages: ________________________________.

  1. I hope I can use my language knowledge when I _________________________________________.

  1. If I could start this year over, I would _______________________________________.

  1. Since I need two years of the same foreign language to attend a university, I plan to take _____________ to complete this requirement. 

  1. Write a phrase or sentence in French: ________________________________________

  1. Open comments: [This is your chance!] ____________________________________________