Litigation Mangement Assessment

Please answer the following questions pertaining to your review of the "Litigation Expectations of Defense Counsel". Your answers will be used to customize further training on this topic.
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  1. After review of the "Litigation Expectations of Defense Counsel," I will be responsible for completing which of the following documents:
    Assignment Letter
    Initial Case Evaluation
    Legal Expense Budget
    Mutual Action Plan
    Pre-Trial Report

  1. Defense Counsel may retain a liability or medical expert:
    Anytime they want to
    Only if they tell us about it afterwards
    Only if they receive prior authority from the examiner, after consultation with the client
    Only if it is inexpensive

  1. Defense Counsel should take depositions:
    Of every single person who might possibly know something about the case
    Based on a checklist of what they do on every single case they handle, regardless of facts
    That further the case strategy and have value added to the defense of the case
    Of anyone they want to depose, so long as the depositions are short

  1. Defense Counsel should submit a Pre-Trial Report to Sedgwick CMS:
    At the beginning of the case
    Within 90 days of being assigned the lawsuit
    As soon as they decide that the case should be tried
    As soon as a case is listed for trial, or within 90 days before trial, whichever is less

  1. The purpose of Litigation Management is to:
    Effectively and actively manage litigated cases and defense counsel
    Partner with defense counsel to achieve a mutual plan and strategy for each case
    Have regular communication with defense counsel so we always have the most up-to-date information regarding the case
    Efficiently, proactively and resourcefully manage litigation to obtain the best results, within budget
    All of the above

  1. After reviewing the "Litigation Expectations of Defense Counsel," Attorney Billing, Retention & Assignment Policy, and the attached forms, please indicate the following:
    What questions do you have about the program?

  1. What concerns do you have about the program?

  1. Is there anything you consider vague or ambiguous that you would like more direction on?

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