Sutton Coldfield College Student ILT Survey

Please take this survey to give us feedback and ideas on how we can continue to improve IT services and facilities in the college.
(ILT= information learning technology)


  1. Do you enjoy using computers and IT?

      1 2 3 4 5  
    YES - A lot  NO - Not a lot

  1. Do you access the Internet at college?

    No never
    Hardly ever
    At least once a week
    2 or 3 times a week
    Every day

  1. If you access the Internet in college, where is this? (you can select more than one answer)
    In the LRC (library)
    In the LRC (amenities)
    In class
    I don't access the Internet

  1. Do you ever view the college Intranet pages?
    (Using "student" & "trial")

    Once or twice
    A few times
    Quite often
    All the time

  1. Do you send and receive any email in college?

    No never
    Yes - sometimes
    Yes - at least once a week
    Yes - most days

  1. Do YOU get to use IT in your lessons (eg Work in a computer room)
    A few times
    Quite often
    All the time

  1. In which of your subject areas do YOU get to use computers?

  1. In which (if any) of your subject areas does your teacher use a PC connected projector?

  1. Do you have any ideas how IT could be used to make your lessons/studies more interesting?

  1. Thank you for your time - Any other comments?