The Tech-Connected Classroom: Mid-Year Teacher Survey

Thanks for taking time to give some feedback on how your year is going. I know you are all swamped right about now, but any and all input from you is really valuable information. Please share your honest opinions and suggestions. You four are the pioneers for this project, and your experiences can have a big impact on future "tech connected classroom" projects. Thanks again!

It would be very helpful if you could complete this survey by this Friday (November 22).


  1. Which of the following tech tools have you used this semester in your classroom? Check all that apply.
    Student e-mail via
    Quia puzzles, games & quizzes
    Your own teacher homepage
    PowerPoint presentations for students
    PowerPoint presentations by students
    Electronic note-taking, outlining, etc.
    Word files as “electronic worksheets”
    Commercial software designed for your curriculum area
    WebQuests / student internet projects
    Organizing data and information in spreadsheets
    Collecting & posting useful links for students
    Directing students to a daily online question or tidbit
    Electronic student journals
    Students posting reports on the internet using the freebie Project Poster
    Teacher-designed interactive games & quizzes created with Hot Potatoes

  1. Have you found other ways to incorporate technology into your classroom? Just a brief description would be fine!

  1. What do you (as a teacher) like best about having computers for each student in your classroom?

  1. In general, how do students seem to be reacting / adapting to having computers in the classroom by this point in the school year?

  1. What do you think has been the biggest advantage for your students so far this year in being involved in this project?

  1. What kind of computer-related discipline problems have you encounted in your classroom this year?

  1. Generally speaking, do you feel that your students have made observable improvement in their computer skills from the beginning of the school year to now?

  1. In which areas have you observed students improving their computer skills? Check all that apply.
    Basic file management skills
    Being able to keyboard faster and more accurately
    Basic word-processing skills (MS Word)
    PowerPoint presentation skills
    Internet-search skills
    Increased awareness of plagiarism & computer ethics issues
    Spreadsheet skills (Excel)
    Ability to integrate the Office Suite applications (cutting & pasting between applications, etc.)

  1. Aside from technology issues & glitches, what do you see as the biggest disadvantage in having computers for each student in your classroom?

  1. If you could wish for one thing related to your participation in this “tech-connected classroom” experiment, what would it be?

  1. How has the computer furniture and room arrangement worked for you so far? Is there anything you'd change if you could?

  1. Let’s say another ESU 5 school were about to add their own “tech-connected classroom.” Think back to the training days we had in May… What suggestions could you offer to make those work days more effective/productive for the teachers involved?

  1. Again, assume that another ESU 5 school were about to add their own “tech-connected classroom.” What general advice and tips could you offer the teachers and administrators in that school?

  1. Sandy, Craig & Frank: We’ll be meeting for two class periods in the morning on November 26. What would you like to spend that time doing? Any requests? I need your input! All ideas are welcome!

  1. Sue: If I can schedule an afternoon in Bruning, do you have any specific requests? Let me know!