Digital Classroom - Training Survey - Fall 2010 - (copy) - (copy)

This very brief survey will be used by the Instructional Technology Department to better meet the training needs of your school.

A red asterisk (*) indicates required questions.

  1. Please provide your name in the space below.

    This will help us provide customized training just for you.*

  1. What is your school location?

    Please type the whole name and include the words Elementary, Middle, High, or Center

  1. What level of training would you benefit from the most for the applications listed below?

    1=Beginner, 2= Intermediate, 3=Advanced Click all that apply.

            1 2 3      
      SMART Notebook Beginner Advanced  
      ActivInspire Beginner Advanced  
      ActivStudio Beginner Advanced  
      ActivPrimary Beginner Advanced  
      ImageMate (Elmo document camera) Beginner Advanced  

  1. What is the best time for you to attend a training?
    During PLC time
    Planning time
    Before school
    After school
    Half day
    Full day

  1. Additional comments/suggestions:

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