FERL Practitioner Programme Training Days (February 17/18th. 2005)

This is the booking form for the next training day for the FERL Practitioner Programme.The venue is the Professional Development Centre in the OLRC.
Complete the questions and press the submit button when you have finished.
Using this particular technology is included in the training. If you have any queries, please contact me on ext 5560.

Geoff Rebbeck


  1. Please provide a contact option, (preferably an email address,) in case we need to contact you prior to the training.

  1. I would like to attend the Following Modules. (please check the box against the Module title(S) you wish to attend). Check all the boxes if you wish to complete Strand 1 in these 2 days
    A - Why the FERL Practitioner Programme?
    B - Benefits of ILT in Learning and Teaching
    C - The Learning Environment
    D - Delivery Techniques
    E - ILT Skills for Teaching & Learning
    F - Identifying ILT Opportunities
    G - Creating & Adapting Content
    H - Putting ILT into Practice
    Z - ILT and Culture Change

  1. Please add any special needs or make other comments here that the organisers need to know about helping you study.

Thanet College