Mr. Hosch's Historical Book Report

Answer all questions in the boxes provided then click Submit when you are ready to send. Be specific and use paragraphs.


  1. Name:

  1. Title of Book:

  1. Autohor's name:

  1. Number of Pages:

  1. What time period does this book cover?

  1. What is the setting of the story?

  1. Describe the main characters and their relationship with eachother.

  1. What historically signifigant events took place during this time in history?

  1. Would you have liked to have lived during the time period featured in the book? Why or why not?

  1. Summarize the section or chapter of the book that you enjoyed the most.

  1. If you lived during this time period covered in the book would you most likely have been good friends with the main character and why?

  1. Please rate this book 

  1. Give your evaluation of this book. Tell why you did or did not like this book. BE SPECIFIC