JFK Homework Survey

The goal of this survey is to capture current parent perceptions. As you answer the questions, please think of this school year and the two week data collection period in particular.


On an average night, how much time does your son/daughter spend on homework?
My son/daughter rarely has any homework
30 minutes or less of homework per night
30-60 minutes of homework per night
1-2 hours of homework per night
2 or more hours of homework per night

Please mark classes where your son/daughter consistently has homework.
Social Studies (Geo/Civics, World History, American History, Modern European History, Psychology, Sociology)
Foreign Language
Music or Art

In your opinion, which statement best indicates your feelings about the amount of homework your student does.
My son/daughter has too much homework.
My son/daughter has an appropriate amount of homework.
My son/daughter does not have enough homework.

How often to you discuss or review your son/daughter's homework?
2-3 nights per week
1 night per week
I rarely discuss homework with my son/daughter.

Which of the below comments best describes how much homework your son/daughter did in the last two weeks during the collection period?
More homework than a normal week
About the same amount of homework as a normal week
Less homework than a normal week
I'm not sure

Please enter additional comments concerning the amount of homework your student does.

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