Semester Reflection - 2011

We're halfway through the year! Now that we've finished the first semester, I'd like everyone to take a moment to reflect on their accomplishments, what needs to be improved (for you and for me), and what I can do to help you learn.


A red asterisk (*) indicates required questions.

  1. Which class period are you in currently (semester 2)?*

  1. Look back at the goal you created for yourself at the beginning of the year. Type it in below:*

  1. Did you accomplish this goal in the first semester?*
      1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  
    Didn't accomplish my goal at all  Mission Accomplished!

  1. Did you take advantage of the extra credit opportunities available to you? *

  1. Did you seek extra help during lunch or after school?

  1. On average, how much time did you spend on Chemistry outside of class (studying, completing homework, etc.)
    1 hour a day
    20-30 minutes a day
    5-15 minutes a day
    zero minutes a day

  1. Now's the time to revise your goal for this class. What is your goal for the second semester?*

  1. What do you think you need to do differently in order to accomplish your goal during the next semester? Think about specific habits, behaviors, attitudes, etc. that may have prevented you from accomplishing your goal during the first semester.*

  1. PLUS: Please let me know what I did that helped you the most in this class so far. Think about lessons, activities, assignments, etc. This would be the "Plus: Keep it, it works!" section.*

  1. DELTA: Now let me know if there's anything that didn’t work for you. Think about your learning style, and remember that I cannot “force” you to learn, I can only provide opportunities for learning. If there's something you'd like changed, please remember to make a suggestion or two about how you think it could change, realistically - be constructive! This would be the "Delta: Change, it didn't work" section.*

  1. If there's anything else about this class that you'd like to share with me or reflect on, please enter it here:

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