Civilian Block Training 2011 - 0802

This is to assist the Training & Staff Development unit to improve, if possible, our training sessions.

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  1. How will you use what you learned this week in Block Training back at your worksite?*

  1. How motivating did you find the Self Defense class?*
    Not at All
    A Little
    A Lot
    Extremely Motivating

  1. How well do you think this class benefits you?*
    Not at All
    A Little
    A Lot
    Extremely Beneficial

  1. Please give us your comments or suggestions about the block training sessions.*

  1. How useful is the training of Verbal Judo tactics to you? *
    Not at All
    A Little
    A Lot
    Extremely Useful

  1. After taking Office safety, how would you describe your awareness level?*
    Remained the Same
    Greatly Increased

  1. Please give us any comments or suggestions for future classes.*

  1. How was the temperature of the classroom you were in during this year's Block Training?*
    Too Hot
    Just About Right
    Too Cold

  1. Which if any instructors during the block training were exceptionally helpful?*
    Kent Bazan
    Christa Plum
    Debbie Jacobs-Jenkins
    Kenneth Demmo
    Bob Connor
    Yvonne Ball
    Toni Smithee
    Bill Porter
    Ray Lockwood
    No one

  1. Please explain previous answer.*

  1. How would you rate the 2011 Civilian Block Training overall?*

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