Dependent Verification Services Survey

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  1. When does your company confirm that the dependents covered under your health insurance palns are eligible for employer-sponsored health care coverage? (Check all that apply)*
    Open enrollment
    New Hire
    Life Status Event (birth, marriage, child reaching plan's age limit)

  1. When was the last time your company conducted an audit to verify the eligibility of these dependents? (select one)*
    Less than 1 year ago
    1-2 years ago
    2-3 years ago
    More than 3 years ago

  1. Approximately how many employees are currently covered under your health insurance plans?*

  1. What is the primary method used to communicate with your employees? (select one)*

  1. Select the benefits topics you would like more inforamtion on. (check all that apply)
    Dependent Verification Services
    Tax Services
    Helath and Productivity Services (EAP, Wellness)
    HR/Payroll (includes Paycard)

  1. Please include your name, email address and company name below. Thank you for participating.

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