DotCom BBY Issues in the Field

Agents assigned to the DotCom sales queue need to log each call to track potential misdirects/no-sale opportunities/issues that occur in the field


  1. What was the Issue\Reason for call

  1. Was the Issue caused by:
    DA Agent
    Remote Agent
    Store Rep

  1. Please provide Case Number

  1. Was Issue\Reason Fastpiped by a Supervisor
    Antonio Black
    Jose Menendez
    Damien Mitchell
    Leanita Reese
    Tiffany Sloan
    Sandra Meadows
    Cadie Vermeersch
    Chris Hristov

  1. Was the Issue\Reason Resolved

  1. Please provide Store or Location if Applicable

  1. Please provide Agent Name or Store Rep if available

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