Intermediate Teaching Staff - (2010-2011 school year)

Climate Assessment Survey - 2010-2011

The purpose of the School Site Climate Assessment is to offer an avenue for employees to provide feedback to their sites, to Faculty Senate and to District Administration. Employees are asked to share their concerns and accolades. The information provided by the Climate Assessment is used to guide the continuous improvement process at all sites. The information from the climate assessment needs to be processed by a Quality Improvement Team (QIT) at your school site.

When possible, it would be helpful to include suggestions for solution or improvement with comments that identify concerns. Please keep comments specific, constructive and professional. Written comments will remain confidential; however, they will be read by the Faculty Senate, School Sites and District Administration.

This survey is intended to be taken in ONE sitting. It will time out after 5 hours and you will have to start over if you have not submitted.
If you have any questions or concerns regarding the survey please contact your Senator.

Rate each item on a scale of
(1) A Great Deal
(2) Quite a Bit
(3) Some/Somewhat
(4) Very Little/Seldom
(5) None/Never

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