Teaching English Language Learners

Purpose: Information Gathering Only -- for a college course.

  1. When an English Language Learner (ELL) who speaks little or no English shows up in my SOL classroom, I...
    don't panic; I have strategies in place to assure s/he will comprehend the content and pass the SOL.
    don't panic; I know I'm going to take the hit and there's nothing I can do about it.
    assume everyone knows this student will have to take the course twice.
    know from past experience there's a 50-50 chance this student will pass the course and the SOL.
    contact the counselor and ESL teacher to make sure this student is properly placed.

  1. When I hear the term, "BICS and CALP", I always think...
    What the heck is "BICS and CALP?"
    oh yeah, my ELL student sometimes fools me because his/her BICS is so good.
    why is this Beginner in my SOL class when we know s/he hasn't had time to acquire CALP?
    here is another excuse for English Language Learners underperforming.
    I'm glad I can discern the difference.

  1. When it comes to assessment, I...
    excuse my ELL student. What's the point? S/he can't even read the test.
    Use alternate assessments for my ELL student. Powerpoints, scale models, posters, etc.
    use tiered tests/assessments.
    use the standard accommodations but they don't work.
    use the standard accommodations and they work just fine.

  1. I know exactly what I can do with my ELL. I can...
    Let him/her sit quietly until s/he feels comfortable enough to join in.
    Put him/her in groups and hope the peers will bring him/her along. If not, change groups.
    Treat him/her like any other student. S/he will catch up; it just takes time.
    try to get this student out of my class.
    None of the above.

  1. Differentiated Instruction means...
    What the heck is Differentiated Instruction?
    Double lesson plans.
    Dumbing down the lesson for Special Ed and ESL.
    Making the input comprehensible to everyone.
    making the input comprehensible to everyone, but they still can't pass the SOL.