Annual Professional Development Needs Assessment 2010-2011

Please take a few moments to complete this quick, 5 question survey so the Professional Development Board may consider your needs when planning staff training/activities. Thank You!

  1. Please select one descriptor to identify the position you currently hold.
    Grade K-12 Special Education Teacher
    K-12 ESL/SIP/Speech/ReadSpec. Teacher
    Grade PreK-2 Teacher
    Grade 3-4 Teacher
    Grade 5-8 Teacher
    Grade 9-12 Teacher
    Related Arts Teacher/Media Specialists
    Counselor/Social Worker/SAC/Nurse
    Paraprofessional/Aide/Custodial/Technician, etc.

  1. Please check areas in which you would like to receive professional learning.
    Special Student Needs
    Assessment Methods
    Subject Specific Content Knowledge
    Instructional methods/ Differentiated Instruction
    Research Methods
    Child Growth & Development/ Adolescent Psychology
    Lesson Study
    Data analysis for Instruction
    Interdisaplinary Units
    Student Test Preparation
    NJ Core Curriculum and Common Core Standards
    Character Education
    Diversity and Equity Issues
    Professional Learning Communities
    Classroom Management
    Differentiated Instruction
    Current Drug/Alcohol/Health Wellness
    Collaborative work with colleagues
    Inclusion model and co-teaching
    Curriculum Mapping
    Understanding by Design
    Integrating the Arts into Curriculum
    Intergrating Research into Curriculum
    Integrating Writing Across the Curriculum

  1. Please list any other subjects or topics you would like to study and learn more about.

  1. Do you have any presenters or speakers you would like to hear from? Please share their name and topic.

  1. Please list any other personal or district needs with regard to professional learning.