Annual Professional Development Survey 11-12

Please complete this quick, anonymous survey so the school and district Professional Development Boards may consider your needs when planning professional activities.

  1. Please select one descriptor to identify the position you currently hold.
    Grades K-2 Teacher
    Grades 3-4 Teacher
    Grades 5-8 Teacher
    Grades 9-12 Teacher
    Pre-School Teacher
    Related Arts /Library-Media Specialist
    Special Education/ESL/G-T Teacher
    Academic Support/Reading Specialist/Speech
    Counselor/Social Worker/CST/OT/Nurse

  1. Please check all areas in which you would like to participate in professional learning:
    Specific Content Area/ Subject Knowledge
    Special Student Needs
    Common Core State Standards
    Child/Adolescent Psychology
    Classroom Management/Strategies for Dealing with Challenging Students
    Understanding by Design
    Character Education
    Integrating Research Into/Across Curriculum
    Integrating Literacy Into/Across Curriculum
    Inclusion/Co-Teaching Models
    Instructional Strategies/Differentiating Instruction
    Curriculum Mapping Tools and Software
    Lesson Study
    Preparing Students for Standardized Tests
    Collaborative Learning with Colleagues
    Current Drug, Alcohol, Health,Wellness Topics Impacting Students
    Integrating Arts Into/Across the Curriculum
    Diversity/Equity Issues in Schools
    Classroom Management
    Professional Learning Communities
    Math in Focus - K-5 Math Program
    Teachers College Readers/Writers Workshop

  1. Please list any other specific subjects or topics you would like to research and study:

  1. Please list any requests or needs that reflect input from parents and/or students:

  1. Please list any other personal or district needs with regard to professional learning: