Cardiac Pilot Survey

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  1. The format for the cardiac Nurse Reviewer Note has been revised to include spacing and layout changes. You find that:
    The format makes reviewing the cardiac case easier.
    The format is too long and takes longer for physician review.
    The format for cardiac cases does not affect my work.
    I have not noticed a change in the format for cardiac cases.

  1. Do you prefer the note to be formatted with extra line spacing?

  1. Do you find that when the note is formatted with more spacing it takes you less time to review the case?

  1. The cardiac team received additional training at the end of February to enhance their knowledge and better their review. Do you find....
    most often, information obtained is concise and pertinent to physician review.
    most often, the cardiac note does not contain or address the information needed to review the case.
    most often, the cardiac note contains pertinent and non-pertinent information that hampers my review.

  1. Regarding SUGGESTions. In most cases, the Cardiac Note contains...
    appropriate SUGGESTions
    unrelated or inappropriate SUGGESTions