Survey #1

  1. On the subject of bad grades....
    I never make bad grades
    I sometimes make bad grades
    I make bad grades frequently

  1. Each day I study or do homework for ...
    less than 30 min.
    about 30 min.
    about an hour
    more than an hour

  1. My favorite subject in school is ...
    social studies
    physical education

  1. When I have free time, my most favorite activity is....
    watching television
    playing video games
    listening to music

  1. If I make a bad grade, my parents...
    take away my privileges
    help me more with my homework and managing my time
    get angry with me
    are disappointed with me

  1. When I miss an assignment, it is usually because....
    I forget to do it
    I am too busy with other homework to do it
    I don't want to do it
    I am too busy with outside activities to do it

  1. Most of my friends....
    want to make good grades
    don't care about their grades

  1. I use computers at home mostly to...
    instant message my friends
    send and answer e-mail
    do research or study for my classes

  1. If I miss an assignment, I am .....
    not worried about the consequences
    worried about my grades
    worried about what my teacher will say
    worried about what my parents will say
    worried about looking bad in front of my peers

  1. When it comes to homework, I ....
    do as little as I can to get by
    always do all assignments
    miss an assigment once in a while