Technology SD Survey 2010-2011 (English Teachers)

The information gathered from this survey will be used to design and implement training for the teachers at SRMS. Thank you for your valuable input and time. All submissions are completely anonymous.

A red asterisk (*) indicates required questions.

  1. Technology Integration
    I need help planning technology integration lessons.
    I do not need help planning technology integration lessons.
    takes place 1x per 6 weeks.
    takes place 2x or more per 6 weeks
    takes place 1x per semester
    takes place 2x per semester
    never takes place
    I am familiar with the Technology TEKS

  1. GroupWise: I can...*
    create groups
    edit groups
    send/accept appointments
    view my calendar
    use my calendar as an organizational tool
    view the labs and master calendars
    can search for emails
    can create a task list
    know how to access the web-based GroupWise from home
    change password
    create Cabinet folders
    file messages
    send mail high priority
    use address book
    use spell check
    manage the trash folder

  1. Internet Explorer: I...*
    know how to cite sources
    know where to look to find out how to cite sources
    model the practice of citing sources for my students
    capture images and text
    conduct an effective search using keywords
    can determine the credibility of a website
    use address toolbar
    use standard buttons toolbar

  1. Inspiration: I can effectively integrate the following into my curriculum...*
    create a diagram
    create an outline
    add new linked symbols, links, unlinked symbol
    add text to the main idea
    arrange the diagram
    change the views (diagram to outline and outline to diagram)
    manipulate print options
    manipulate properties of links, symbols, and fonts
    open, save, and print documents
    spell check
    use rapid fire
    use the symbol palette
    add hyperlinks
    add notes
    add topics to outline view
    adjust zoom
    apply new look
    arrange options
    arrange topics in outline view
    lable links
    use the drawing tool bar
    use symbol library
    use templates/libraries
    save as a web page
    I do not know how to use Inspiration

  1. MovieMaker*
    I am very skilled in using MovieMaker
    I am familiar with MovieMaker but need more training
    I do not know how to use Movie Maker

  1. Photo Editor: I can...*
    open an image
    crop an image
    resize an image
    rotate an image
    apply autobalance
    use smudge and sharpen tools
    apply effects
    save an image
    I do not know how to use Photo Editor

  1. Publisher: I can effectively integrate the following into my curriculum...*
    create a newsletter
    create a brochure
    create a calendar
    create a publication using blank template
    create, format a text box
    manage objects
    print, save a publication
    use a wizard or template
    use spell check
    insert and delete pages
    insert, resize, move a picture or clipart
    manage multipage publications
    insert, format tables
    create a web page
    modify wizard options
    use layout techniques
    use the drawing toolbar
    I do not know how to use Publisher

  1. Word: I can effectively integrate the following into my curriculum...*
    insert objects/pictures
    rotate objects/pictures
    insert word art
    manage page format
    use writing tools
    complete an electronic form
    create mail merge documents
    create, manage headers/footers
    create, save, print documents
    generate and print envelopes, labels
    mange page format
    use borders, shading, boxes
    use mail merge
    use writing tools
    create a web page
    create electronic forms
    create, apply styles
    create, manage sections
    create, use templates
    insert, edit tables
    use collaboration tools
    automate tasks using macros
    create, manage indexes
    create, manage outlines
    create, mange Table of Contents
    manage objects and images
    I do not know how to use Word

  1. Other Technologies: I...*
    know how to correctly site web resources (information/images)
    can edit pictures/video on a computer
    can use the smartboard in the library
    can use a scanner
    can use a digital camcorder
    can identify a file type by the file extension
    can burn a cd and/or DVD
    can record my voice on the computer
    can create/maintain a CMS Outreach webpage
    can use sFiles with my students
    know how to submit a workorder
    can import digital pictures/video from the camera to the computer

  1. I can plan a lesson that integrates technology into my curriculum. *

  1. The most challenging part of designing a technology integration lesson is...*

  1. The most challenging part of delivering a technology integration lesson is...*

  1. How can the CIT best provide technology integration support for you?

  1. What types of Technology Staff Development would you like to see offered at SRMS?

  1. What do you see as the strength of this CIT?

  1. What is one suggestion that you would give this CIT?

  1. Comments/Suggestions:

Michelle Triplett, CIT