Post Survey for Technology In-Service Participants 2010-2011

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  1. After attending classes, how comfortable do you feel now using technology in your classroom as a tool for planning/researching, presenting, communicating, etc.?*
    Very Comfortable
    Somewhat Comfortable
    Not Comfortable

  1. Please select the three topics that benefitted you the most this year:
    SMART Board Introduction
    Discovery Education
    Microsoft Office Word 2007
    Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007
    Photo Story 3
    Vado Video Recorders
    E-Mail (Outlook)
    Book Marking Sites
    Learning Activity Toolkit - SMART Board
    SMART Board Games

  1. Are there any other topics that you would like to see presented in the future?*

  1. Please rate the following statement:
    From these classes, I gained....*

            1 2 3 4 5      
      CEU Credit Strongly agree  Strongly disagree  
      Tips and Tricks Strongly agree  Strongly disagree  
      Hands-on guided practice Strongly agree  Strongly disagree  
      Direct instruction about hardware/software Strongly agree  Strongly disagree