2011 Customer Survey

Over the years, Robard Corporation has provided a wealth of programs and marketing information to meet the changing needs of your patients and your practice. We value your feedback and will use this information to meet your needs in the future. Please take five minutes to answer the following questions by Friday, July 22, 2011. Thank you!
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Name (optional): 

  1. Organization Name:

  1. Do you use the following materials and support services that Robard currently provides?

            1 2       Unaware this is available
      Reactivation postcards Yes No  
      Articles for newsletters/emails (avail online) Yes No  
      Program and product counter displays Yes No  
      Program and product posters Yes No  
      Patient referral materials Yes No  
      Private label program Yes No  
      Letters to build professional referrals Yes No  
      Advertisements for newspapers/journals Yes No  
      Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Guide Yes No  
      Social Media Guide (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) Yes No  
      Key Operating Statistics (guide and CD) Yes No  
      Monthly staff training conference calls Yes No  
      Training Kits (Conference call transcript & outline) Yes No  
      Webcasts Yes No  
      Conference Calls Yes No  
      Patient Education Modules Yes No  

  1. Please rate each of the following materials and services regarding effectiveness: (1= Very Effective, 2=Effective, 3=Not Effective)

            1 2 3      
      Reactivation postcards Very Effective Not Effective  
      Articles for newsletters/emails (avail online) Very Effective Not Effective  
      Program and product counter displays Very Effective Not Effective  
      Program and product posters Very Effective Not Effective  
      Patient referral materials Very Effective Not Effective  
      Private label program Very Effective Not Effective  
      Letters to build professional referrals Very Effective Not Effective  
      Advertisements for newspapers/journals Very Effective Not Effective  
      Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Guide Very Effective Not Effective  
      Social Media Guide (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) Very Effective Not Effective  
      Key Operating Statistics (guide and CD) Very Effective Not Effective  
      Monthly staff training conference calls Very Effective Not Effective  
      Training Kits (Conference call transcript & outline) Very Effective Not Effective  
      Webcasts Very Effective Not Effective  
      Conference Calls Very Effective Not Effective  
      Patient Education Modules Very Effective Not Effective  

  1. I would use the following if you were to create/offer it:

  1. For those items you feel are "Not Effective," please let us know how we can improve them.

  1. This year, Robard introduced a new, all-inclusive, monthly newsletter. The newsletter includes program updates, product updates, staff education opportunities and business development tips. We realize your time is valuable so we created one newsletter to continue to keep you aware of all of our new offerings in one concise newsletter, but deliver this information to you only once a month. Please let us know your preference.
    Thank you, I prefer receiving only one mailing a month.
    I prefer you separate the mailings into topics (program, product, etc.).

  1. How often do you read the newsletter?
    I was not aware you mailed out a monthly newsletter.
    I read at least parts of the newsletter monthly.
    I read the newsletter some months.
    I don't have time to read the newsletter.

  1. Which method of distribution do you prefer?
    I like receiving the newsletter through the mail.
    I would prefer to receive the newsletter electronically.

  1. If you would prefer to receive the newsletter electronically, please provide your email address.

  1. If you read the newsletter, please rate the following: (1=Very Useful, 2=Useful, 3=Not Useful)

            1 2 3      
      Program Updates Very Useful Not Useful  
      Product Updates Very Useful Not Useful  
      Staff Education Opportunities Very Useful Not Useful  
      Business Development Tips Very Useful Not Useful  

  1. What additional new types of information would you like to see included in the newsletter or services you would like us to offer? (1=Very Interested, 2=Interested, 3=Not Interested)

            1 2 3      
      Sales training Very Interested Not Interested  
      Staff training Very Interested Not Interested  
      Personalize staff training (call or on-site) Very Interested Not Interested  
      Product implementation training Very Interested Not Interested  
      Operational strategies for improving profitability Very Interested Not Interested  
      Online Electronic Medical Records System Very Interested Not Interested  
      Marketing materials for targeting corporations Very Interested Not Interested  
      Marketing mailings (we mail for you at a cost) Very Interested Not Interested  
      Evaluation of your website content and SEO Very Interested Not Interested  
      Social Media Assistance Very Interested Not Interested  
      Marketing for new moms, brides, seasonal, etc. Very Interested Not Interested  
      Motivational emails for dieters Very Interested Not Interested  
      Meal plans for specific types of dieters Very Interested Not Interested  
      Product fulfillment through another company Very Interested Not Interested  
      Online product ordering for you Very Interested Not Interested  

  1. Are there any other types of information you would like to see included in the newsletter or services you would like us to offer?

  1. Please provide additional details for the above options you responded "Very Interested" to so that we may meet your needs.

  1. Which of the following new products introduced within the last 6 months assisted with the growth of your center's revenue and profits?

            1 2       Unaware this is available
      Butterscotch Pudding Yes No  
      Banana Creme Pudding Yes No  
      Dark Chocolate S'mores (15g Protein) Yes No  
      Peppermint Cocoa crunch (15g Protein) Yes No  
      Marshmallow Brownie Crisp Bar (10g Protein) Yes No  
      Peanut Butter Mousse Bar (10g Protein) Yes No  
      Powder in Bottle (Aspartame Free MRP's) Yes No  
      Ensulate for Diabetics Yes No  

  1. What are the top three product categories you would like to see us expand? Please check:

          1 2 3    
      Meal replacements   
      Nutritional bars   
      Fruit drinks   
      Hot beverages   

  1. For any of the above product categories, please provide your flavor suggestions.

  1. What types of products would you like to see Robard develop in the coming year? Please rate the level of importance: (1=Very Important, 2=Important, 3=Not Important)

            1 2 3      
      15g protein product line Very Important Not Important  
      Aspartame free product line Very Important Not Important  
      Diabetic Very Important Not Important  
      Meal replacements (15g protein with V&M) Very Important Not Important  
      Prepackaged containers: cups, trays, etc. Very Important Not Important  
      Weight Gain (for disease states, eating disorders, etc.) Very Important Not Important  
      Cookies/Cakes Very Important Not Important  
      Pills Very Important Not Important  
      Vitamins Very Important Not Important  
      Non-protein products with additives Very Important Not Important  

  1. If you chose "Non-protein products with additives;" what additives would you like?

  1. What other types of products would you like to see Robard develop in the coming year?

  1. Which nutrients, if any, would you like to see included in new products?

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