What We Think of Santa Fe

This is your opportunity to tell the staff what you think of your school. You do not have to take this survey, please take it inly if you wish. It is anonymous, so please be truthful in your responses.

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Name (optional): 

Do you like the way the campus looks? 

Understanding that most kids don't generally like to do homework, rate the following types of homework assignments according to which one annoys you the LEAST:
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7   other
vocabulary squares    
reading the textbook and answering section review questions    
wordly wise    
interactive notebooks    
reading/reading logs    

What grade are you in?
6th Grade
7th Grade
8th Grade

Do you have an email address?

Who teaches your English/Language Arts class?
Ms. Engle
Mrs. Espinosa
Mrs. Galliver
Ms. Graham
Mrs. Hindley
Mrs. LaBau
Mrs. Reed
Mrs. Smith
Mrs. Williams

Who teaches your math class?
Ms. Roumbos
Ms. Carpenter
Mr. Johnson
Mrs. Giangregorio
Mrs. Powell
Mrs. Sparks

What part of the school looks the best?

Do you have a computer at home that you can use?

How do you like to spend your time in the classroom? Rate the following activities:
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8   other
listening to the teacher    
using white-boards    
doing worksheets or packets    
small group discussions    
whole class discussions    
paired reading    
sustained silent reading    
reading aloud    

Do you IM (instant message) with your friends?

What part of the school could look better? And how? (Be as specific as you can.)

Where do you usually eat lunch? 

When I have a homework assignment that requires internet access, I _______________. 

What is your favorite class?
Social Studies
P. E.
Home Economics
Tech I
Study Skills
Cougar Cafe
Tech II
Tech III
Teacher's Aide
Office Aide
Library Aide

I spend ________ on the internet in a regular school week. 

Computer Lab
Santa Fe Middle School
Monrovia, CA