Staff Calendar Survey 2005-06

Staff Survey

  1. Please select which best identifies your status in the community.
    Community Member
    School Staff

  1. Do you agree that students should begin August 25th as stated in the new calendar law and approved by the School Board? (This means End-of-Course Tests and mid-term exams cannot be given until the middle of January. Students would have to begin August 11th to complete tests/exams before Christmas break.)

  1. If you said NO to question 2; When should students begin?

  1. In past calendars - 3 workdays have been scheduled before students started for teachers to prepare their rooms and to plan lessons. This year the state legislature has mandated 15 workdays instead of 20. Should we still place 3 workdays before students begin which could limit the makeup days for inclement weather?

  1. Staff development is important for teachers to gain subject knowledge and develop new teaching strategies. Please select which day you would prefer Staff Development be scheduled.
    Before students begin
    After Christmas break
    During Fall Semester
    End of Year (After students leave)

  1. Two days are designated by the state as Thanksgiving Holidays (Thurs. & Fri.). Should the Wednesday before the Thanksgiving Holidays be scheduled as:
    Student/Staff Holiday - which could mean a shorter Christmas break or extend the school year by one day
    Regular scheduled student day
    Early dismissal day

  1. Christmas falls on Sunday in 2005. What date should be the last student day before Christmas?
    Tuesday, December 20th
    Wednesday, December 21st
    Thursday, December 22nd
    Friday, December 23rd

  1. New Years Day falls on a Sunday in 2006. Monday, January 2 after New Years Day should be scheduled as a:
    Student Day

  1. Should a Spring Break be scheduled?

  1. If Yes - Check one option - (Easter - Sunday, April 16: Good Friday - April 14)
    4th Week in March (March 27 - 31)
    1st Week in April (April 3-7)
    2nd Week in April (April 10-14) (Spring Break 2005)
    3rd Week in April (April 17-21)
    2 days - Friday and Monday (April 14 & April 17)

  1. April 14, 2006 is Good Friday. Depending when and if Spring Break is scheduled, should this day be a:
    Student Day with Early Dismissal

  1. Should the days designated for Spring Break be guaranteed, or should 2 or 3 days be designated as snow make-up days if needed?
    Snow Make-Up if Needed

  1. How should Memorial Day be designated in the calendar?
    Teacher Workday and Student Holiday
    Student and Staff Holiday

  1. HCS has missed an average of 9 days per year due to severe weather conditions over the last 10 years. As part of the Weather Make-Up Plan, do you agree that at least 9 workdays should be scheduled at the end of the calendar to be rescheduled on days missed due to bad weather? (Note: Students must attend 180 days, so if all days in the plan are used, we would either have to open school on Saturdays or extend the school year later into June.)

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