Feedback Questions - Module 3

Thank you for participating in the WIKI'S: INTERACTING, COLLABORATING, AND ORGANIZING FOR MINISTRY Module. Please take a couple of minutes to share your experience about the Webinar, Blog, and Wiki components of this Module.

Thank you in advance for your time and thoughtful response.

Presenter: Claudia McIvor

  1. Please respond to the following statements.

    1- Strongly Disagree| 2-Disagree | 3-Neither agree nor disagree | 4-Agree | 5-Strongly agree | N/A

          1 2 3 4 5     N/A
      The information provided was useful for my needs.   
      The expertise of the presenter(s) was evident.   
      The information presented was easy to understand.   
      The presenter effectively used examples to explain concepts.   
      Participating in the webinar was easy and convenient.   
      The blog was a good way for me to continue learning more about the topic.   
      The wiki assignments stimulated my thinking and learning process.   
      The difficulty level of this module was appropriate.   
      The combination of the webinar, blog, and wiki was a good way for me to learn this information.   
      As a result of this training, I gained new knowledge applicable to my teaching or ministry.    

  1. How would you improve the module (mark all that apply.)
    No improvements needed.
    Reduce the content covered in the module.
    Make the module less difficult.
    Make the module more difficult.
    Slow down the pace of the module.
    Speed up the pace of the module.
    Allow more time for the module.
    Shorten the time allocated for the module.

  1. Additional comments:

  1. Do you have any other ideas or suggestions to share?

  1. What did you like MOST about the module?