Writing -- Checklists for Better Writing

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  1. When reading this paper for ORGANIZATION:

            1 2      
      An inviting introduction draws the reader in. Yes No  
      The author has included thoughtful transitions. Yes No  
      The sequencitng is logical and effective. Yes No  
      The pacing is well controlled. Yes No  
      Teh conclusion gives a sense of closure. Yes No  

  1. When reading this paper for IDEAS:

            1 2      
      The topic is narrow and manageable. Yes No  
      The details go beyond the obvious. Yes No  
      There are reasonably accurate details Yes No  
      The ideas are fresh and original. Yes No  
      The author is writing from knowledge or experience. Yes No  
      The readers' questions are anticipated and answered. Yes No  

  1. When reading this paper for VOICE:

            1 2      
      The VOICE is appropriate for purpose and audience. Yes No  
      The reader feels a strong interaction with the writing. Yes No  
      The author has taken risks. Yes No  
      If the writing is expository or persuasive, it reflects understanding and commitment to the topic. Yes No  
      If the writing is narrative, it seems honest, personal, and engaging. Yes No  

  1. Wehn reading this paper for CONVENTIONS:

            1 2      
      The spelling is generally correct. Yes No  
      The puntuation and capitalization are accurate. Yes No  
      The paragraphing is sound. Yes No  
      The grammar and usage are handled well. Yes No  
      The author manipulates conventions for a stylistic effect and it works! Yes No  

  1. When reading this paper for WORD CHOICE:

            1 2      
      The words are specific and accurate. Yes No  
      The author has included striking words and phrases. Yes No  
      The language is natural, effective, and appropriate. Yes No  
      The author has used lively verbs, specific nouns, and modifiers. Yes No  
      The language clarifies and enhances the meaning of the writing. Yes No  

  1. When reading this paper for SENTENCE FLUENCY:

            1 2      
      The sentences vary in length and structure. Yes No  
      The sentence are purposeful and have varied beginnings. Yes No  
      The sentences include creative and appropriate connectives. Yes No  
      The writing has rhythm and cadence. Yes No  
      The sentences showcase the meaning. Yes No