Advanced Spanish Class Interest

Chalkboard Productions is considering starting a series of advanced Spanish classes led by native Spanish speaker Ángel Benito (de Barcelona). We took a survey of 234 foreign language teachers and found that 61% feel varying degrees of inadequacy with their fluency in the language they teach. We'd like to know if there are teachers of Spanish who would like to attend an online advanced Spanish class to increase their fluency.



  1. What is your current status?
    I am just someone who wants to better my fluency in Spanish.
    I am a student taking Spanish in college with a goal of being a Spanish teacher.
    I am currently a Spanish teacher.
    I used to be a Spanish teacher.

  1. What is your language experience?
    Other than English, Spanish is the only language I speak.
    I speak English, Spanish and one other language.
    I speak English, Spanish and more than one other language.
    I don't speak English.

  1. What is your current level of Spanish fluency?
    I can only say basic things like ordering a meal or getting a hotel room.
    I can talk in many situations, but I'm limited in what I can say.
    I can talk in most situations, but I know there are things I need to practice.
    I used to be pretty fluent but I'm out of practice and want to brush up on the language.
    I'm fluent, but I don't have a lot of chances to practice speaking so it would be nice to have an opportunity for this.

  1. Which of the following Spanish classes would most fit your need?
    Intermediate Spanish (material normally taught at levels 3-4 in high school)
    Advanced Spanish (expanding on the intermediate material and fine tuning skills)
    Brushing up (conversations on various topics with a similarly skilled group led by a native speaker)

  1. Which time zone are you in?
    eastern (New York)
    central (Chicago)
    mountain (Denver)
    pacific (Los Angeles)

  1. Which would be the most convenient time for you to attend a live online class?
    9-12 am eastern (8-11 am central, 7-10 am mountain, 6-9 am pacific)
    12-3 pm eastern (11-2 pm central, 10-1 pm mountain, 9 am-noon pacific)
    3-4 pm eastern (2-3 pm central, 1-2 pm mountain, noon-1 pm pacific)
    5-8 pm eastern (4-7 pm central, 3-6 pm mountain, 2-5 pm pacific)

  1. If you registered for the course, which of the following would be the MOST COMMON way you would access it?
    during the live class time
    viewing the recorded version
    a combination of the above two depending on my schedule

  1. Would you want to have follow up activities provided (such as activities on or handouts from the instructor)?

  1. Which of the following formats would you prefer?
    To just take the course (i.e., participate in the live online class or view the recorded class).
    To take the course and have some outside work to do.
    To take the course as a regular class with expected coursework and tests.

  1. Would you prefer a class one time a week for four weeks or an intensive class of one week of four classes?
    one time a week
    intensive, four times in one week

  1. If you preferred the "one time a week" option in the above question, would you prefer to purchase it per month or per session?
    Per month
    Per session

  1. If you chose the intensive course option in question 10, how many weeks would you be interested in?
    only 1 week
    more than 1 week

  1. Would you prefer topic-driven discussions or story creation (TPRS)?
    topic-driven discussions

  1. How likely would you be to take a one class a week, four-week Advanced Spanish course?
      1 2 3  
    not likely  very likely

  1. How likely would you be to take an intensive Advanced Spanish course of four classes in one week?
      1 2 3  
    not likely  very likely

  1. How much would you pay for 4 one and a half hour sessions (total of 6 hours) of an Advanced Spanish course?

  1. Would you like to be on a mailing list for this type of class information? If so, please put your name and e-mail address in here. (Please note that this information will ONLY be used by Chalkboard Productions to send you e-mails about online Spanish courses.)

  1. Do you have any other thoughts on this topic or clarification of your "other" comments above?