OPMT 2660 Getting to know you survey

Thanks for completing this survey. It helps me with making the course more applicable to your background, interests and goals.

  1. What is your name?

  1. Please describe your background (e.g. school, work experience, hobbies, country of origin, etc.)

  1. What do you hope to learn from this course?

  1. What is your preferred learning style (e.g. lecture format, exercises, group work, individual work, etc.)

  1. What is your dream job?

  1. what is your "realistic" job goal?

  1. What concerns or worries do you have regarding this course?

  1. What previous database experience do you have? List the names of any databases that you are familiar with and how much experience you have with them.

  1. Optional question: What is the most interesting thing you have done?