Critical Reflective Listening Survey - (copy)

Please be honest when answering the questions as they will help you reflect on your learning style throughout this course. Created by BEN SEMPEK


  1. How difficult/easy was this exercise and why?

  1. If I had difficutly with this exercise what are some ways I could improve?

  1. How was the rate of speech on the exercise, too fast, just right, too slow? - please explain:

  1. When you finished this exercise did it make you feel as though your listening improved or did it reduce your confindence - please explain:

  1. If you felt this exercise was too easy please explain why:

  1. How would you rate this exercise if you were to give it a grade: 1 being the highest and 10 being the lowest - please enter a number and explain:

  1. Did you feel the instructions were clear on the exercise? Please explain:

  1. How has your instructor helped or encouraged you in this exercise? Please explain:

  1. Do you ever have any difficulties understanding your teacher, in general? Please explain:

  1. What are some ways you can improve your listening ability? Please explain:

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