NCCC student questionnaire-Fall 2005

Please take a moment to complete this questionnaire as this data will be used to enhance the distance learning program at NCCC. Thank you for your participation.

It is only necessary to complete this survey once. If you have completed and submitted this survey in another NCCC online class this semester, you do NOT need to complete it again. Thank you.

Upon completion, click on your browsers back arrow to go back to your course.

Name (optional): 

  1. This semester are you a full time or part time student at NCCC?
    Full Time
    Part Time

  1. Have you ever taken a course at NCCC prior to this online course?

  1. This semester, along with your online course, do you also come to classes on campus?

  1. What is your primary reason for taking online courses?
    Distance from College
    Lack of Transportation
    Conflicts with Personal Schedule
    Course Not Offered On Campus
    Family Responsibilities
    Work Schedule

  1. If your answer to the previous questions was other, please explain.

  1. If your online course were only offered as a classroom course at NCCC this semester, would you have enrolled?

  1. In future semesters would you like to take other courses online from NCCC?

  1. If you answered yes to wanting to take more courses online at NCCC, what course(s) would you like NCCC to offer?

  1. To complete your college degree, would you prefer to?
    Take all of your courses online
    Mix classroom courses with online courses
    Take all of your courses on campus, in classrooms

  1. If a complete degreee or certificate program were offered online at NCCC, would you enroll?

  1. If you answered yes to the above question, what degree or certificate program would you be interested in taking online at NCCC.

  1. What type of internet connection do you primarily use to compete your online course work?
    Dial-up phone modem
    Local area network from work
    I connect from student labs at NCCC