PC Tune-Up Initial Assessment

The survey results will be used to tailor the PC Tune Up process.


  1. Please rate how often these applications are used within your profit center.

            1 2 3 4 5 6 7      
      CorpTrack (AR, WIP, DSO, Income Statement) Not Used Frequently Used  
      EngageTrack Not Used Frequently Used  
      CP-Lite PM Not Used Frequently Used  
      Utilization Report Not Used Frequently Used  
      EquipTrack Not Used Frequently Used  
      ExpenseTrack Not Used Frequently Used  
      WESTONnet Not Used Frequently Used  
      Sharepoint Not Used Frequently Used  
      WSU Not Used Frequently Used  
      SalesTrack Not Used Frequently Used  
      Web Reports Not Used Frequently Used  

  1. Please rate how well your profit center understands how to use the following applications.

            1 2 3 4 5 6 7      
      CorpTrack (AR, WIP, DSO, Income Statement) Poorly Extremely Well  
      EngageTrack Poorly Extremely Well  
      CP-Lite PM Poorly Extremely Well  
      Utilization Report Poorly Extremely Well  
      EquipTrack Poorly Extremely Well  
      ExpenseTrack Poorly Extremely Well  
      WESTONnet Poorly Extremely Well  
      Sharepoint Poorly Extremely Well  
      WSU Poorly Extremely Well  
      SalesTrack Poorly Extremely Well  
      Web Reports Poorly Extremely Well  

  1. Please describe your current biggest challenges on effectively utilizing the business reporting tools. (e.g. accurate ETC calculations)

  1. Please describe any labor intensive processes to prepare data for management analysis.

  1. Describe reports, tools and data that you feel would make your organization better.

  1. Would you like someone to discuss the technical tools available to your profit center (e.g. TeamLink, AuditFast, etc.).

  1. Would your profit center be interested in a computer literacy improvement program (e.g. using the Microsoft tools better).

  1. Please describe anything else that you would like addressed during this PC Tune-Up.