Appreciative Inquiry Project

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  1. Describe Briarglen Elementary as an educational organization? Describe your current position.

  1. What do you love most about Briarglen Elementary? Why?

  1. It is important to recognize and show appreciation to the community and for their involvement within our school. Recognition shows our approval to the community while strengthening the bonds that we share.

    What has inspired you to support the Community Schools Initiative?

  1. As an educator, what would you view as a high point in the Community Schools Initiative?

  1. What is your most memorable accomplishment that involved the community?

  1. High level parent participation has been identified as one of the best practices in effective student education. We are working to break down barriers that prohibit greater levels of parental involvement. Establishing a community school initiates that particular best practice and opens the door for countless others.

    What is the most effective practice currently taking place to establish Briarglen as a community school?

  1. What immediate changes could we implement that would encourage more families to get engaged, participate in, and improve our school?

  1. Working with the public we observe how both, individuals and families benefit from the services offered. Building relationships with our community partners allows us to further reach into society for support, which benefits the greater good of all stakeholders.

    Regarding the future, how do you see parents and community members engaged in the school?

  1. What types of activities encourage parent and community involvement?

  1. As you reflect on your involvement with the community, what substantial trends, events and developments do you see shaping the future of Briarglen?

  1. What do you think breathes life into Briarglen? What is our school built around, that if removed, would completely change Briarglen?

  1. What are your three dreams that would make Briarglen a better learning and teaching environment?

  1. Can you share a time at Briarglen when you knew that you counted and it built your self-confidence?

5th grade
Briarglen Elementary