Spanish II: Spring Semester Exam DL Testing Policy


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  1. Students enrolled in a distance learning course are required to take all 9 weeks and semester exams, as instructed by the instructor. There are no exemptions for distance learning course cumulative exams. If a student misses a major exam, the student must present acceptable documentation to be allowed to
    make up the exam.

    ACCEPTABLE DOCUMENTATION would include written documentation from a doctor, a lawyer, the court, or the police on what prevented the student from taking the semester final. If such documentation cannot be produced, an email or a faxed note FROM THE PRINCIPAL stating the circumstances that prevented the student from taking the final exam and requesting that the student be permitted to take the semester final will be considered "acceptable documentation".

    If a student misses a major exam and does not make it up during the time frame allowed by district policy, the student will receive a zero for the exam. For Advanced Placement Courses: A student must take the AP exam for each AP course enrolled.

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  1. I have read the DL testing policy and I understand what my responsibilities are.*

Spanish Instructor
ADE Distance Learning Center
Maumelle, AR